The World’s Smallest DOT Helmet

HamrHead Gear is the largest USA supplier of the famous HamrHead Helmet, the worlds lightest, strongest and smallest profile DOT certified half helmet. There have been many imitators, but none come close to the quality and finish of a HamrHead Helmet.

The HamrHead helmet comes in three models, the original HamrHead Shorty, the HamrHead Curve and the all new Matte Carbon Fiber HamrHead Curve Carbon

All of our HamrHead Helmets come with the fast release ratchet chin strap feature, unlike some of our competitor’s other copycat helmets which still use old-fashioned D-Rings.

Whichever style helmet you prefer, all HamrHead helmets are the ones you have been hearing about.

No more Mushroom Head.

No more Gazoo!

Absolutely the best quality shorty helmet I have ever ridden in.  Lightweight and small, the helmet hugs my head like no other.  I especially like the quality of the strap, buckle and liner, much better than all the rest.  Finally, a helmet I can enjoy wearing

Vince Trainer, Satisfied Customer

Discover The Future

The highest quality materials, superb craftsmanship, and an attention to detail make HamrHead the helmet of choice for the cruiser rider.

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